You’ve heard the same claims made by all homebuilders. Here’s your chance to compare, and if we say we’re doing something in London no one has done before, check to see if we’ve put our money where our mouth is. Buying a new track home is known to be a harrowing experience, and so is every time you glance at that uneven spot, rough patch or undone joint. Commissioning a million dollar custom home is indeed a completely different experience. Confiding in a homebuilder like in a trusted banker and accomplished tailor used to be reserved for this different breed of homes.

But now we’ve put as much effort into designing matchless layouts as in our million dollar residences, found ways to include materials not used before in homes of this price, and capped the number of homes we’re building to provide you direct service. Our tradesmen will be crafting your home with as much care as they do our large homes, and our designers will be giving you their full attention. In short, you get a custom home with materials and finishes not usually even considered for homes in this range, unrivalled home design and true service. Every effort has been made in giving every inch of these homes a purpose, and every corner is testament to the time and energy invested in it. Even though we feel good about our intelligent layouts, the beauty is in the use of space and features such as the kitchen head wall. Living large is more than possible in layouts such as these. A timeless interpretation of the past means our Craftsman and Châteaux influenced designs will never look out of date as many subdivisions already do. Your designer will be more than happy to explain how these layouts can be enjoyed to the fullest, and work with you to make each space your very own.

Build quality and materials included in our “what you see is what you get” pricing is groundbreaking. Nowhere else have full stone and stucco facades replaced the sea of unsightly vinyl. Three-way fireplaces, built-in custom carpentry, stone mantles, and custom kitchens are carefully built by the same craftsmen that we work with for our large residences. Nowhere else has such architectural detailing been seen in homes of this price range. We urge you to compare not only our unsurpassed value, but also the build quality of our homes.

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